Our African inspired wraps are lined with satin to use a protective styling. It is great for when you do not feel like managing your hair or great for naturalistas that are starting their transition. Easy fix because you may still protect your hair while looking cute, chic and stylish. 


Wraps By Bratt is not designed to hide your natural hair, but more so to protect your beautiful tresses. The line is also designed for women of all ethnic backgrounds.

While shopping you may notice that some of the name are in a language called Garifuna spoken by Garinagu people. They are a mixture of African, Carib, and Arawak indigenous group who live all over Central America; Belize, Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua. This is my background, roots, culture and heritage which I am very proud of.

Being natural can be time consuming and also dedication. There are days when I do not feel like doing my hair so what do I do? Throw on a wrap. However, the wraps are started out using were pure cotton and as some may know cotton dries out the hair. So, I decided to design a specially made wrap to lock in oil used prior to wrapping my hair and protect it from snagging. From then Wraps By Bratt was born. 

-Yours truly

Brittany Martinez